Cock Electric Shock Ring

No. EST-01

The promotion of rapid increase penis; extension of congestion, regulate nerve sensitivity, elimination of premature ejaculation.

Voltage: DC 3V
Battery Type: AAA x 2 (1.5V)
Pulse Output power: MAX 100V / 20mA
Pulse frequency :2-100Hz
Pulse mode: 10 files strength, five kinds of rhythm

Matters need attention:

1 Please note that when using the product clean, available water, alcohol and other non-corrosive chemicals, cleaning;
2 This product before use to fully lubricate the vagina. Not humid circumstances, it offers a sharp boost. Can be assisted by water-soluble lubricant, water, etc.;
3 This product is just getting started with the woman's vagina, please set the pulse frequency modulation into the low-intensity state, followed by a gradual based on the user's acceptance from small and large slow adjustment;
4 patients with heart disease or pacemakers were banned;
5 can not be right baby and unable to express their perception of the people to use;
6 In order to avoid unusual injury, in addition to DC3V 1.5-volt AAA battery outside, do not use other batteries and power supplies.
7 This product is from precision parts (electronic components) form, please do not open the repair, modification, in order to avoid product damage and impact on human health exception



USD 35
Weight: 0.6 kg Number:


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